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Matman (3+ Years)

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Matman is a great fun way to teach your kids important early skills like concepts, or readiness skills, including size recognition, placement and sequence skills. It's also useful to promote body awareness, socializing, and sharing. 

And don't forget to scan the barcode on Matman for a Fun & Interactive song about body parts which you play while putting Matman parts together. 

What does Matman include?

  • 2 Large half-wooden rings for the head.
  • 3 Small half-wooden rings for ears and mouth.
  • 1 Large wooden rectangle for the body.
  • 4 Long wooden strips for arms and legs.
  • 2 Wooden hands.
  • 2 Short wooden strips for feet.
  • 3 Wooden circles for eyes and nose.
  • • 3 Fabric hair pieces with different colours.
All pieces are made of high-quality wood


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